Take the Opportunity how Travelfly can help your Company

The Airline by joining Our Virtual Desk for a Monthly Fee (non-binding) is 500 €. The first 3 MONTHS ARE FREE!
Will have a Dedicated Page for Passengers and/or Travel Agencies who, WITHOUT SUBSCRIPTION will be guided step by step with Simple Words for Information, Services, Assistance, Reservations and Group Requests.
We don’t need your CRS System. All Contacts, Informations and Group Fares will be Redirected to the Airline Company, no additional costs, no clicks.
The majority of Users do not wish to go to the Airline’s official website for language reasons or for the site’s complexity as it makes orientation or understanding difficult, mostly due to complicated rules and regulations which may serve for a possible dispute,
but for the Passenger who simply wants to buy extra baggage or ask for Assistance, it is difficult to find the link and “click”.
With TRAVELFLY.IT the Passenger will have all the answers he is looking for.

Communication between the Airline and the Passengers is the fundamental basis of the relationship between the two!
To the “classic phone call” to the call center…

the Airline must have a good communication strategy to reach passengers in the best possible way in all available channels.